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Top 25 Difficult English words with Their Meanings in Urdu for CSS / NTS / GAT / GRE EXAMS , Must Read !

All the words are takeb from Dawn English Newspaper Dated September 26,2016 for Educational Purpose. I read English Newspaper Daily. I suggest you also to keep in touch with Local & International Newspapers respectively.

Links may include English Synonyms or something interested 😀

Word : Meteor
Meaning of Meteor in Urdu : Saqib , Sahab e Saqib , Toota Howa Tara

Word : Pedagogy
Meaning of Pedagogy in Urdu : Ibtadai Taleem , Fun e Taleem

Word : Distract
Meaning of Distract of  in Urdu : Elaida Krna , Judaa Krna.

Word :  Vilification
Meaning of Vilification in Urdu :  Tazleel ,Khywari

Word : Provocative
Meaning of  in Urdu : Uksane Wali , Ishtehaal Angez

Word : Blatant
Meaning of  Blatant in Urdu : Ghul Ghapara Krne Wale

Word : Diplomats
Meaning of Diplomats  in Urdu : Safarat Kar

Word : Graft
Meaning of Graft in Urdu : Paiwand Lagana .

Word : Atrocities 
Meaning of  in Urdu : Sung Dili , Ba Rehmi

Word : Abducted
Meaning of  Abducted in Urdu : Aghwa krna , Kidnapped , Kidnap Krna

Word : Hauling
Meaning of Hauling in Urdu : Naqal o Hamal , transportation

Word : Devour
Meaning of Devour in Urdu : Kha Jana , Harap kr Jana , Zaiya kr dena , Consume kr dena

Word : Ascertained
Meaning of  Ascertained in Urdu :  Discovered , Daryaft Shuda.

Word :  Epoch
Meaning of  Epoch in Urdu :  Zaamana , Era , Jug ,

Word : Wistful
Meaning of  Wistful in Urdu :  Arzoo Mund , Hasrat Bhara .

Word : Imperative 
Meaning of  Imperative in Urdu : Hukamana , Farzi , Wajib

Word : Accreditation
Meaning of  Accreditation in Urdu : Manzoori , Recognition of School

Word : Unassailable 
Meaning of  Unassailable in Urdu : Jis pa Hamla Na Ho Sake , Na Qabil e Hamla

Word : Sojourns
Meaning of Sojourns in Urdu : Arzi , temporary

Word : Avert
Meaning of  Avert in Urdu :  Baaz Rakhna , Door Krna

Word : Flak
Meaning of Flak in Urdu : Nukta Cheeni , Croticism

Word : Syndicate
Meaning of  in Urdu : Majlis Banana , Group of individuals .

Word : Lethargic 
Meaning of Lethargic in Urdu : Behaal / Sust / Lazy

Word : Synchronization
Meaning of Synchronization  in Urdu : Hum Asri , Hum Waqt Kari

Word : Siege
Meaning of  Siege in Urdu : Hasar , Grift , Naakah Bandi .


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