Saturday, 11 February 2017

Download Best Books CSS preparation books and material for CSS Preparation 2017

CSS Exams is a Central Superior Services of Pakistan is a competitive examination held by Federal Public Service Commission ( every year to recruit new bureaucrats of BPS-17 in different groups . These exams has great importance for students , But they face certain problems in Preparation . So i am uploading different Books for the preparation of CSS Exams 2017-2018 .

Best Books for Preparation of CSS Exams :-

Pakistan Affairs:

Three books are consulted for the preparation

(a)Trek to Pakistan

(b)Pakistan Affairs written by “Akram Rabani”

(c)International relation

Current Affairs:

For preparation of Current Affairs reading of Quality News paper is really important. Second a digest written by “Safdar Mehmod” is also useful.

Islamic studies:

For Islamic studies text books of Bachelor and master level as well as other Islamic books like Bahesht-i-Zewar are important.

Download Links CSS Books 2017-2018 :-

Encyclopedia of General Knowledge MCQs By JWT Updated & Revised
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* Download CSS Book for Political Science & International Relations
Foreign Policy Analysis: A Comparative Introduction By Marijke Breuning
Download: Click Here
* To The Point History of USA (CSS/PMS)
Book's Details: Click Here
* Download FPSC Recommended CSS Book for Compulsory Subject "General Science & Ability"
Download: Click Here
* The Best Top 30 CSS/PMS Essays By Zahid Ashraf – JWT
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* CSS / PMS Essays Books | Cash On Delivery
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* International Law By Dr. H.O Agarwal
Book Details:Click Here
* International Relations: The Key Concepts 2nd Edition By Martin Griffiths
Download: Click Here
Book Details:Click Here
* Download CSS Book for Optional Subject "Political Science"
Download: Click Here
* Trumps Initial Foreign Policy By M A Niazi
Download : Click Here
* General Science & Ability 2016 Edition By Mian Shafiq (JWT)
View Details : Click Here
* Download CSS Book for Optional Subject CRIMINOLOGY
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CSS/ PMS All Compulsory and Optional Subjects Plus NTS Guide,
General Knowledge Books or Call/SMS 03336042057
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